Blue Base Arowana

$350 - $1500
Category Rare Varieties
Price Range: $350 - $1500
Available Size6inch to 22 inches

The Premium bluebase are so classic and beautiful. their sizes ranges from 5-32 Inches long and can grow up to 35 inches in feature. They all come with quality guarantee certificates,permits,certificate of authenticity,certificate of origin and Cites

  • Nguyen luong 19th September, 2019
    thats mr phuong wang for my excellent 24k gold , i received my fish this morning from the shipping agency . its actually what i wanted thanks. and also i will recommend you to my friends

  • Zakih kasih 17th April, 2019
    Bought a super red arowana which was delivered to my home. We had a good short advice/chat. Definitely highly recommended for this caring and cheerful Boss. I am grateful for his advice

  • Daniel Ang 17th May, 2019
    Just got my Red Chilli today and it is a beautiful fish. As a newbie to rearing Arowana, the boss was patient in explaining the care needed. He even spent time testing the quality of the water of my tank and provided advises on what is needed to ensure that the fish would be healthy and beautiful. I am very pleased with the service rendered by him and definitely recommend "Arowana" newbies like myself to seek his advise and his selection of arowana. Once again many thanks sir for your great help. Cheers

  • Atan Tampines 1st February, 2019
    Just got my arowana's delivered yesterday night by the boss himself...service was excellent...sales was fantastic right from the start...before even buying the fish...was given alot of advice on water in the tanks and food...every question was answered...aftersales was fantastic...even got my present from him...thanks bro..i will not have doubts in recommending my friends..your fishes are beautiful bro...thanks once all in the tank live happily...hahaha

  • Ken Siu 1st February, 2019
    Just bought a quality blue base aro from them! The owner was friendly and polite as we reach the place. Love the quality blue base aro and even gave us great advice and tips on keeping an aro. Great service and enjoyed my day with him ?

  • Malcolm Hottuna 25th August, 2018
    Today got my first chilli red aro from the boss e is a very helpful person. He is very patient to explain the details of the fish to me when I have any doubts with it.. cheers to his friendly n professional advice I will keep my very first red aro for the years ahead to appreciate the beauty of this magnificent fish. Once again thanks.. I believe we will meet again in due time..

  • Tom 29th September, 2019
    Hi How much for 6-8”” baby red arowana with shipping to Canada and how long it will be take for shipping

  • Arviel Diquit 1st February, 2019
    As a new blood in arowana rearing, I did not know much about selection of the fishes. So I did my own researching and came across Clement's page. Had kept crossbacks before but decided to look into keeping reds as well. Looking at Clement's page, his fishes were all so healthy and hyper active which enticed me as it goes to show how much care has been put into growing and developing the fishes. This brought me into inquiring about the fishes. The pricing was reasonable and fit within my budget perfectly. Patient and understanding guy, even when I kept rescheduling appointments because of my unpredictable schedule. No pressure at all. So eventually purchased a Chili red and had it delivered over. Dealing was hassle-free as replies were promptly given back and delivery was made on time. Haven't had a chance to visit the farm but one day when the stars align I will visit HAHA. He even made sure if my tank was ready, giving tips on the proper filtration for keeping an arowana before the piece came over. Personally wasn't sure on how to pick a piece but Clement help to pick out one and I am confident all his pieces are equally good. Overall, really really really satisfied with both the quality of the service and quality of the fish. For those looking for quality fishes at good pricing, I highly suggest you drop by and take a look because I can guarantee you won't regret taking time to visit. Thanks Clement and may business prosper for you even more!

  • Brandon Mason 21st September, 2019
    Loved the service I received and the arowana was in good shape ! Friendly n professional. Helped me a lot on how to breed my Arowana as a beginner. Will recommend them to friends & those fish lovers... they have variety of different fishes and their price is affordable. Do visit them , you won't regret ! ?

  • Darren Kwek 21st September, 2019
    Excellent service! I had never come across someone with such patience and dedications to take the time to explain things to you. Or even to entertain funny questions at odd hours. the boss also treat his arowanas like his own babies and check back with me on the next day on how the arowana's are doing. 2 thumbs up!

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